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About This Service

Tax Tutor Online is a new concept in tax learning that brings audio-visual lectures direct to your desktop. At the end of each lecture is an interactive test. On completing each module you can print a CPE certificate for your records.



There are 2 modules to choose from- Personal Tax and Business Tax, with 325 audio-visual lectures covering seven major tax areas, representing almost 60 hours of lectures and around 1500 pages of commentary.

Personal Tax

Personal Tax includes 4 modules - Personal Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, and UK Trusts and Estates.

Business Tax

Business Tax includes 3 modules - Corporation Tax, Business Tax and VAT.

Tax Tables

Some lectures may require you to use tax tables for the relevant tax year. They can be found on the Tax Tables page accessed via the homepage.

CPE Certificate

After watching all of the lectures in a module, you will be able to print a certificate. Go to the CPE certificate page from the homepage. Select the module you have completed and when prompted, enter your details and print out the certificate. Please check with the relevant body first to ensure that it will accept electronic learning for structured CPE.

Watching a Lecture

From the home page click on any of the topics that form part of your subscription. To open a lecture, click on its title. You will find accompanying notes for all lectures that can be printed. Once the lecture is open, use the controls along the bottom of the screen to go to relevant parts of the lecture. Each lecture has pause, fast forward and rewind controls.

Sample Lecture

System Requirements

  • Shockwave plug in – to view the lectures. A free download is available via the homepage
  • Acrobat Reader – to view the lecture notes. A free download is available via the homepage
  • Your PC must have sound enabled.

Key Benefits of the Tax Tutor service

  • The only product of it’s kind on the market
  • Tax learning becomes fast, fun and convenient
  • Updated with each Finance Act
  • Lectures can be paused, replayed, or fast-forwarded as often as you wish
  • A structured CPE/CPD certificate comes with each module
  • Interactive tests at the end of each lecture
  • Every lecture is cross-referenced to comprehensive notes
  • Ideal for enhancing your knowledge of a particular tax, outside your area of specialisation

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