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  • Chris Jones CTA ATT

    Chris co-founded Online Tutors Limited in 1999 with his colleague of many years, Dean Wootten. Chris lectures regularly on the CCH Seminars Online service as well as providing consultancy advice to a number of organisations to enable them to turn their e-learning ideas into a reality.

    After working for over five years in the taxation department of a major firm of Chartered Accountants he moved into full time professional training in 1995.

    Chris continues to lecture extensively to many organisations and has gained an excellent reputation as being among the best in his field. Chris is able to draw upon his practical lecturing experience when developing online training products.

    Chris is head of tax training at Tolley Tax Training and lectures on their ATT and CTA courses as well as providing internal training for a number of clients.

  • Chris Jones
  • Dean Wootten CTA FCA

    Dean is managing director of Online Tutors Limited and Online Tutors Publications Limited. These company's developed Tolley's Tax Tutor and the material for all their ATT, CTA and AIIT training.

    Dean started his career as a Chartered Accountant, qualifying in 1988 and then as an Associate of the Institute of Taxation in 1991.

    He has extensive practical experience, which he is able to introduce when lecturing to students and professionals alike.

    Dean has been involved in tax training since 1994 and specialises in lecturing CTA students for the General Practice, Corporate Specialist and VAT routes at Tolley Tax Training in London. Dean is also the principal tutor for AIIT training at Tolley Tax Training. Dean's combination of lecturing experience and innovative thinking has been a major asset when developing viable online and CD products.

  • Dean Wootten
  • Sophie Hill CTA ACA

    Sophie is a very well known lecturer and has been involved in ATT and CTA training for the last eight years. She started her career as a Chartered Accountant in the tax department of the London office of Andersen, qualifying in 1994, winning prizes at every sitting of her examinations.

    She discovered her passion for lecturing through her involvement with internal tax training courses at Andersen and thereafter decided to pursue a full time training role, joining BPP Taxation Courses in 1996. Whilst at BPP Sophie passed her CTA examinations with distinction and was awarded the prize for the Personal Tax paper.

    At BPP Sophie quickly established herself as a key member of the tax training team. She became CTA Course Director in 1997 and was appointed Managing Director of BPP Taxation Courses at the end of 2000 with overall responsibility for BPP's CTA and ATT products.

    Sophie is now a tutor at Tolley Tax Training in London.

  • Sophie Hill
  • Steve Sanders CTA ATT TEP

    Steve is a former Inspector of Taxes having qualified in 1990. He qualified ATT in 1991 and CTA in May 1993 whilst with Andersen.

    Steve joined Coopers and Lybrand (now PwC) in 1994, initially as a manager in practice before joining the National Tax Training team in 1995.

    Whilst in National Tax Training, Steve had overall responsibility for the Personal Tax training programme on a national basis where he wrote, managed and taught taxation courses at a variety of levels. He also managed the taxation side of the Immediate Development Programme for new Graduates.

    Steve is an established ATT and CTA trainer and is very highly regarded by clients and students alike in the tax training market. Steve is a tutor at Tolley Tax Training in London.

  • Steve Sanders

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